What's the Game?

A Writing Round (WR) game is a writing game where each player submits a bit of writing to build an often ridicules and funny story. After a game is started, the first player is emailed and asked to submit the start of a story, often only a paragraph or less, based on the prompt. Then the second person is emailed to submit to the story based off of what the first person wrote. It keeps on emailing the next person and then the next person to submit their part and built off what others have already written. When all the players have submitted, it moves back to the first player and then the second player and so on, going in a loop. The game only ends when someone decides the story has reached a conclusion and hits "Submit and End Game" instead of "Submit".

How do you start a game?

  1. Go to the Start Game page
  2. Enter a title and a prompt/"idea" for the story.
  3. Enter a time limit for each turn. If a player exceeds this time limit, their turn is skipped
  4. Add participant's emails or increase the # of participants by hitting the plus button

Anything else?

If want to know what games you've played, just go to the Get Games page and type in your email.

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